When I started looking at how design is influencing behaviour change around sustainability, one thing struck me: It has to get easier to buy better.

A couple of years ago I went to an event in London about design for sustainability — my two career passions. The opening talk was well meaning but ultimately seemed ridiculous.

The speaker’s focus was on how web design choices contribute to energy usage. The suggestion was that designers should…

Here’s a very big question that we need to find answers to:

How will sustainability win?

We all need sustainability to win — we know that how we currently consume is, well, unsustainable. Let’s imagine what winning looks like: all the products and services we buy fulfil human needs and…

I’ve been thinking. I’m really upset about the Brexit result. My reasons are not unlike other people’s and well described elsewhere, but this isn’t about that. It’s about this:

“Now we need to unite, pull together and make the best of this.”

I’ve seen words to that effect all over…

Rich Brown

Design at Shopify. P/T Master’s student at Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership. I’m the kind of guy who supervised the guy who invented the wheel.

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